Supporting employees through times of change

The coronavirus outbreak has emphasised how important emotional support and human contact are. Sadly, the effects of the pandemic on employees’ emotional wellbeing are unlikely to end when social distancing requirements are eased. Whether they’ve had the virus themselves, lost friends or family members, or found social distancing and lockdown difficult, the emotional issues relating to the coronavirus are likely to be felt for many years.

For an employer, being able to support employees emotionally has a number of benefits. As well as helping employees feel able to cope, which can mean they’re more motivated and productive, it can help the broader business. By being regarded as an organisation that cares about employees’ welfare, employee engagement increases and it’s much easier to attract and retain the right people.

What this guide covers:

  • Why supporting your employees emotionally matters for both staff and for the business
  • Emotional support and the coronavirus crisis
  • What sort of support can employers offer?
  • Who needs to be involved in emotional support
  • Supporting at risk-employees
  • Quiz - test your knowledge!

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Simplyhealth Team

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