For many HR teams, achieving budget, buy-in and sign off for wellbeing programmes can be challenging. Once you’re over that hurdle, you want to see your hard work pay off and demonstrate return on investment for the business.

The main stumbling block for many companies is effectively communicating about employee benefits. We recently attended the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress and asked delegates whether they thought their organisation communicated effectively about benefits. Our poll revealed that 60% said no – they didn’t think that benefits communication in their organisation was effective.

So what can organisations do to make their communications better, and drive take-up and engagement with benefits? Here are three ideas:

1. Regular, timely communication

Our previous research revealed that more than half of organisations communicate with employees about their benefits on less than quarterly basis1. Regular and timely communication is most effective. It’s what helps benefits stay top of mind, reminding employees how to make use of their benefits and how they can support their everyday activities.

2. Gain traction with national campaigns

Planning your communications around national campaigns can really help you gain traction. Some campaigns like Mental Health Awareness Week get huge media coverage and this buzz can translate to your workplace. Use these opportunities to tie in with promotion of related benefits, such as your employee assistance programme.

3. Don’t go it alone

Remember there are many places you can reach out to for help. Working with your marketing or communications teams, or your benefits providers, can help you create engaging and memorable campaigns to launch or promote your benefits. Any good benefits provider will be an expert in this area, and should be able to help you with developing a plan for communication, as well as supplying resources to help spread your message.

Want more?

We were delighted to speak on this topic at the recent REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress. Our session led by Camilla Shaw, Head of Intermediary and Client Relationships and Chris Bradford, People Director at Simplyhealth, provided some great insights into maintaining the momentum of a wellbeing strategy and the importance of good communication. You can watch the video here:


We’ve also created a helpful guide to proactively communicating about employee benefits - take a look!

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Simplyhealth Team

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