The Smileguide 2017

At Simplyhealth, we're passionate about promoting good health and wellbeing - our aim is to educate everyone on its importance and how it can benefit your everyday life.

The Smileguide is our dedicated magazine for employers and employees, offering advice, tips and information around health and wellbeing. Have a read through what foods are best for your brain, why exercise can improve your mood and the impact of good oral health on the rest of your body.

Download the Smileguide by clicking this link.

Features include:

  • Word of mouth: exploring the link between dental care and overall wellbeing. 
  • Food for your mood: how changing your diet can pave the way to happiness.
  • Mind your health: practical advice for managing mental health illness at work.
  • The Simplyhealth Great Run Series: an introduction to our partnership with the largest series of mass participation running events in the world

Vittoria Gallagher

Vittoria Gallagher

As corporate copywriter, Vittoria is responsible for the content produced by the marketing team; everything from editorials to social media.

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