It’s easy to just focus on what we can see – the physical. But, mental health is just as important to overall wellbeing. The two are inextricably linked. Our organisation recognises this relationship, and that we need to be mindful of our own wellbeing, strengthen our resilience, and be aware of our colleague’s mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week – an initiative organised each year by the Mental Health Foundation – was a great opportunity for us to inspire resilience, openness and better performance among our workforce, with a range of mental health activities and supporting resources.

Our activities for the week included everything from lunchtime runs and bouncy castles to mindfulness and meditation. And the resources we created supported these activities and helped communicate our messages throughout the business – take a look below.


Download our Know Your Mind guide, designed to help employees understand and look after their mental health.

Download our infographics on boosting your mind with exercise, getting a better night’s sleep and a roadmap to better mental health.


Take a look at our resources for this year’s Time to Talk Day on 7 February.

Visit the Simplyhealth Engagement Centre for more tools you can use to engage your employees with a range of health and wellbeing campaigns – including an activity timeline, dedicated landing pages and a library of downloadable content.

Simplyhealth Team

Simplyhealth Team

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