More and more organisations are making mental health a priority. In fact, seven in ten design their health and wellbeing activity to promote mental health, at least to a moderate extent1.

But while it’s crucial to keep discussion about mental health alive, perhaps it’s time to move the conversation on, to understand more about the drivers behind mental ill health. One of these factors that’s not commonly talked about in the workplace is grief.

We will all experience grief at some point in our lives. This means it’s important to understand what it is and what effect it can have on our mental health. Employers also need to be aware of how they can support employees who are experiencing grief.

We’ve teamed up with Dipti Tait, author of Good Grief: A Companion to Change and Loss, to explore grief in greater detail; how it works, how feelings of grief can be triggered by many different things, and most importantly, some strategies for coping with grief in life, and in the workplace. Watch the video here:

For further help and advice on grief, visit:

1. CIPD/Simplyhealth Health and Well-being at Work 2019 report

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