Nurturing a positive and effective working environment

Positive engagement rates are vital in ensuring that organisations don’t waste a huge amount of the annual budget on unused employee benefits.

Ironically, proactive communication can often be dismissed as being too costly in terms of time or money. What needs to be considered is the return that communication activities can deliver through increased subscription to benefits that keep employees fit, healthy and happy at work.

There are a great many techniques that you can use to communicate your benefits package in the best possible light. Some are simple; some take a little more thought. In this how-to guide we provide potential solutions to suit your organisation's available time, budget and resources.

What this guide will cover:

  • The argument for good communication
  • Popular communication methods for employee benefits
  • What employees want; understanding your target market
  • The second sell and keeping the conversation going
  • Suggested checklist of do’s and don'ts

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Simplyhealth Team

Simplyhealth Team

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