Why an employee wellbeing strategy is important

Personal health and wellbeing is now a big part of our lives. Many of us invest in fitness devices, health apps and dietary advice. We have a greater understanding of what improves our health and what we can achieve with higher levels of wellbeing.

At the same time, rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases are rising. According to the British Heart Foundation, tens of thousands of people experience heart disease, cancer and strokes every year.

Employers recognise these trends and many are introducing formal wellbeing strategies. Acknowledging and understanding the importance of employees’ wellbeing is not just the morally-decent thing to do for employees, but the right thing to do for the business.

What this guide will cover:

  • Why businesses should build an employee wellbeing strategy
  • Planning a strategy
  • What should an effective strategy contain?
  • Implementation
  • Maintaining your strategy

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Simplyhealth Team

Simplyhealth Team

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