Multiple generations are now in work, how does this impact employee well-being?

HR professionals debated with Simplyhealth's Director of Corporate, Pam Whelan, about the difficulties faced when designing a health and wellbeing strategy for the multigenerational workforce.

The roundtable discussion, held at Employee Benefits Connect 2017 in London, revealed the challenges businesses of all sizes face when trying to build a benefits package which will reward employees of all ages.

After the discussion, Pam said: "It was fantastic to be involved in such an engaged discussion with 12 HR professionals. Everyone shared a great deal about the problems they are facing and overcoming in such an over populated benefits market. I have taken away some brilliant learnings from the session which reinforces the strength of our flexible benefits proposition."

Presentations from other conference sessions throughout the day contained interesting insights on the possible trends, wants and needs of tomorrow's workforce.

Opening the event, keynote speaker, Adam King from the London Business School, revealed that 90% of people do not expect to stay with an employer for more than five years, eliminating the idea of a 'job for life' held by previous generations.

Pam commented: "This statistic represents the increasing pressure faced by employers to retain talent long term. In a difficult economic climate with employers coming up against the introduction of auto-enrolment pensions, living wage and Brexit uncertainty, rewarding employees needs more 'out of the box' thinking than monetary gains.

"In the Simplyhealth white paper, 'Addressing the challenges of the 4G workforce'; we explore the different flexible benefits employers are offering their employees to cater for the varying needs of a multigenerational workforce, delivering real value for employees at different life stages."

Simplyhealth Team

Simplyhealth Team

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