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The eighteenth annual CIPD survey - the Health and Wellbeing at work report - explores issues of health, well-being and absence in the UK.  This year the survey has been rebranded to reflect an increased focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace, but still covers the key drivers of absence and UK organisations’ absence management, policies and practice.   

Key themes coming through in this year’s research include rising incidences of presenteeism and leavism, an increase in the reporting of common mental health issues and the impact of technology on employee wellbeing.

The report shows that some organisations are making considerable efforts to promote employee wellbeing, however there are still too many organisations for whom employee wellbeing is low on the management agenda. 

Employers need to focus more on creating a culture that embraces a proactive attitude to employee wellbeing, rather than the ad hoc, reactive approach that many currently adopt.  Senior managers will need to lead by example to ensure their approach will cascade down through the organisation, role-modelling the appropriate behaviours and investing in line manager training and support.

This research covers:

  • Employee wellbeing
  • Managing disability and long-term health conditions
  • Impact of technology on employee wellbeing
  • Level of employee absence
  • Causes of absence
  • Managing absence
  • ‘Presenteeism’ and ‘leavism’
  • Work-related stress and mental health

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Pam Whelan

Pam Whelan

Pam Whelan joined Denplan, part of the Simplyhealth Group, in 2000 as a Corporate Consultant having previously worked in the Financial Sector.

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