When your employees are based in different locations across the country, travelling regularly and partaking in physical hard work to get the job done, it can be difficult to find a benefit which appeals to everyone.

Baywater Healthcare chose to offer a Simplyhealth health plan, providing employees with money back on everyday healthcare bills, access to 24/7 GP services and around the clock expert advice and counselling.

Baywater Healthcare recognised that making sure their employees were fit, healthy and happy at work and in their home life, wasn’t just a nicety, it was a business necessity.

As their employees work in different locations with a variety of different job roles - from office based workers, to field based technicians in physically demanding roles - and with little flexibility in budgets, Baywater Healthcare needed a strong, value for money healthcare solution which could be rolled out and used by all employees, not just the few.

Download the success story to see how a Simplyhealth cash plan provided the Baywater Healthcare team with exactly the kind of empowering, flexible support each team member needed.

Victoria Cummins

Victoria Cummins

Victoria Cummins is Simplyhealth’s Media Relations Officer and PR Specialist.

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