Using the latest innovations for health & wellbeing

Technology, specifically artificial intelligence and wearable technology (such as Apple watches and Fitbits) provides great opportunity to better support employee health and wellbeing. Yet only 9% of organisations currently offer the use of wearable technology to their employees1.

At this year’s EB Connect, in February, we hosted three roundtable sessions to talk about how AI and wearable technology can enhance wellbeing support. We were delighted to be joined by HR professionals from a wide range of industries, representing a diverse set of businesses. Together we discussed thoughts around how employers can leverage technology for wellbeing in their business, collecting and analysing health data from employees, and the moral implications of doing so.

Some highlights from these sessions include:

  • How AI can inform and change behaviours by helping improve health awareness.
  • The need for better understanding of how technology and data tracking can support wellbeing.
  • Translating the opportunities technology provides into the workplace.
  • Crafting a narrative to clearly explain how and why analysing data can benefit employee health.

Download the full roundtable report below:

1. CIPD/Simplyhealth Health and Well-being at Work report, May 2018

Simplyhealth Team

Simplyhealth Team

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