The social care sector struggles to recruit and retain employees.

The solution lies in putting employees' thoughts, health and interests first.

"Invest in your people". "Your staff's health and wellbeing is a fundamental duty of care". "Respect your employees' opinions and they'll respect your business".

These are just some of the main points made by experienced speakers at the Social Care Showcase 2017, held in Brighton earlier this month.

The day revealed that the social care sector struggles to recruit and retain employees, with the industry seeing high levels of staff turnover. However, there was one clear solution to this problem; businesses need to put their employees' thoughts, health and interests first.

Lindy Barclay, Education Consultant and Trainer revealed the key to doing this was for the management to show that 'everyone in your business counts'.

Ms Barclay suggested encouraging all employees to help devise bottom up business policies, saying "If your staff feel they have been part of business decisions, they are much more likely to engage with them. No one person is as smart as all of us."

When it came to recruiting the best talent, Harriet Phillips from Profiles4Care recommended looking beyond experience and qualifications and instead at whom someone is as a person.

Ms Phillips revealed that 62% of those recruited by value based assessment are more likely to stay in employment, adding: "If you recruit someone based on their personal values, it's because their values match the values of your business -hopefully making it easier to retain them in the long run".

Lastly, Neil Eastwood from Sticky People discussed the importance of winning back employees when they leave for another business, usually for a pay rise.

Mr Eastwood said: "Retention is not all about money. It is about how much they enjoy working for you and the work life balance they receive. You need to remind them just how much you value them and, typically they return after a few weeks".